About Us

Kerry Jo – Anne Case, Owner

Kerry is a graduate of Multimedia Design, TV, Media and Film Production from the University of Huddersfield. She has over 12 years experience of working in marketing, communications, administration, design, social media and AV.

Kerry runs the online gifts and crafts company DuffleCat with stores on Etsy, Folksy and www.dufflecat.co.uk Kerry provides fundraising support to a pet charity in Cambridgeshire, UK and works as a freelancer in multimedia, photography, design and video editing.

DuffleCat was created from Kerry’s late Mother’s fantastic creative crafts. For over 20 years she attended craft fairs in East Anglia, selling her handmade items worldwide. In 2012, Kerry helped her go online and now after her sad death in 2015, Kerry will continue creating in her honour and though not as talented, she hopes she can keep the memory of her Mother’s beautiful crafts alive. Most of the items are one or two of a kind, but are different, unique items inspired by the world around us.

Specialties: Marketing, communications, media, design, photography, filming and editing, Project Management Tools, Adobe suite, Content Management Systems, Social Media.

Interests: Walking, art and crafts, music, film, nature, socializing with friends, winter sports, travel

Previous Employers: Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge University Press, Birdlife International, Cambridge Regional College, RSPB, University of Huddersfield Student Union.

“After attending the University of Huddersfield to study Multimedia Design and Media, TV and film production, I returned to the Fens of East Anglia to work in communications, marketing, media and design. A keen conservationist and fan of live music, cinema and art, I grew up in the countryside and always wanted more than a desk job. Being creative is great and even better to be able to share my hobby with everyone.” – Kerry, Owner, DuffleCat.

Damian Michael Case, Resident Artist

Damian is a graduate of Digital Arts and Animation from London College of Music and Media. He has over eleven years experience in the games industry as a character and environment artist. Damian also creates the digital art prints for DuffleCat.

He likes action adventure games, rpgs and puzzlers, as well as strategy games. He enjoys reading, movies, comics and cartoons, is a big appreciator of various genres of music, and likes to partake of a fine ale in a cozy establishment with good friends and family as often as he can.


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