Prints currently for sale

All prints are £20 each, unframed, on a limited edition run. Printed on 5″ by 5″ German etching card. Prints are available as postcards and blank greeting cards as well. You can buy the prints, cards and postcards from our Folksy shop or by Contact us direct.

Four Seasons Cats (2017)
Inspired by our pet cats, Damian has created the four seasons with cats!

Fantasy Animals (2017)
Damian works for an online games company and created this series of animals based on fantasy characters.


Monthly Animals
Each month Damian is tasked with creating an animal, some are seasonal but all are unqiue and have their own characters.


Seasonal Prints
Usually created for Christmas, each year Damian creates one or two festival designs which we use for our family and friends greeting cards.